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March 1, 2018…Hold onto your blessings. #SOL18

Good morning.

It’s 5:05 AM, I’m eating chocolate chip Pop-Tarts, drinking coffee, and kicking off my “Slice of Life” writing challenge!  Other than just getting started and committing myself to this month-long challenge, I have no goal for this first writing piece.  Forgive the ramblings…but again, it IS 5:07 AM.

Last night both of my children performed in their school band concert.  I can’t say enough about their school’s band program!  My children, who seemingly had no musical talent going into sixth grade, have blossomed into actual musicians!  Props to Mrs. R. and Mr. T. at CMS; they know how to take novices and craft them into beautiful musical talents.

As I sat in the front row, I couldn’t help but watch in awe of my son and daughter. Not only was I impressed with the performances, but I kept thinking about how much the boy child and girlie have grown.  Out of nowhere, they are like little grownups! Where has the time gone? How can a child be so “kidlike” one minute and so “grownup” the next? It takes me by surprise…bittersweet, too.

Bittersweet because I’m so proud of them, but also because I know those are the fleeting moments that slip away all too quickly.  Aside from photographs and videos, how do you hold onto to those moments while giving your kids the freedom to grow and flourish? I’m sure that if my kiddos read this, girlie would roll her eyes and boy child would just smile and shake his head.  Ugh.

Sometimes being a parent is truly a blessing and a curse.

Hold onto the blessings, my friends.

Drink another cup of coffee. Eat the damn Pop-Tarts. Have a good day.

10 thoughts on “March 1, 2018…Hold onto your blessings. #SOL18

  1. Such truth in your words – parenting is both a blessing and a curse. We really do need to hold onto to those wonderful moments, as they do grow up too quickly.


  2. WELCOME to our writing community! I hope it’s a great month for you. You’ll certainly find other early-morning writers. Michelle Haseltine almost always writes in the mornings so you’ll want to seek her out. 🙂

    “Eat the damn _____.” Sounds like a good motto for enjoying what we eat without regret.


  3. My morning post had a similar theme! Yes, it’s hard to watch them grow up–it’s fleeting and bittersweet, and then they’re off and running on their own. Love the circle back to the poptarts.


  4. Mine are still small, but I certainly understand the curse and blessing idea. We rush to get past teething and diapers, want them to feed and dress themselves. We ache for that one night of uninterrupted sleep. And when they stop needing our hands to help them up, when they don’t want us to hold them as close — or for as long — when we realize we’ve lost that total reliance, perhaps for the first time we realize we depended on them as much as they depended on us.

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  5. I am impressed with your 5:00 AM writing!!!! My writing would be incoherent and utter garbage! I always plug my ears with when my kids get older discussions but it is so true. There is so many wonderful things that happen when kids grow up but, your post reminded me that I am going to go enjoy my littles before I, too, have this reflection of when did they grow up!?!?


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