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March 6, 2018…”Run, Leslie, run!” #SOL18

Since as far back as I can remember, I have had a love / hate relationship with running.

As a child I loved the exhilaration of racing around the neighborhood, the softball field, the school playground.  As a teenager, I ran less freely. Most of my running was for P.E. or softball practice.  When I went away to college, I ran to try to run off all of the late night beer, pizza, and Taco Bell; it kind of worked!

Since college I’ve continued to run.  Now it serves as therapy and helps me fit into my pants! Three half-marathons, a few 10Ks, and countless 5Ks later, I still run as often as I can.  Some weeks I log more miles than others. The outside miles are much more enjoyable than the miles slogged away on the “dreadmill.”

Back to my love / hate relationship…I hate running on the treadmill. It is sooooo boring!  On the other hand, I love running outside, especially when it’s around 35-40 degrees, sunny,  and not windy–perfect running weather! Early morning runs are the best.

I hate running when it’s too dark outside; there are far too many skunks and coyotes lurking around my neighborhood! I hate running on uneven sidewalks…I’ve tripped and fallen HARD a few too many times for my liking.

I love running during crisp autumn mornings when I can crunch through the fallen leaves! I love crossing the finish line of a race, knowing that I conquered my own little mental and physical demons!

I LOVE getting new running shoes, which I just got last Saturday!!!! The first few runs with new shoes are just awesomesauce! With new shoes, I feel like I could just run for hours!

I hate how much my awesome new running shoes cost.  Unfortunately years of running have left me with the type of running feet that require better shoes. Better shoes = more money.  When I was a kid, running was free! Just bolt out the front door and run! At 45 it is a financial investment: the shoes, the clothes, the water belt, the special phone holder, the special running sunglasses…the list goes on.  Thus my love / hate relationship.

I do love it more than I hate it though.  Who wants to go for a run? My new shoes are waiting by the front door!

2 thoughts on “March 6, 2018…”Run, Leslie, run!” #SOL18

  1. I also hate running on a “dreadmill,” but I don’t mind running for a short ball in tennis or running to the corner store for empanadas! I have always admired runners that complete races and “conquer [their] little mental and physical demons.” Great love/hate post which explores pros and cons in a narrative form.

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