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March 10, 2018…”Feeling the Energy” #SOL18

I started my day off with a brisk walk in the sunshine before I went to work…on a Saturday?????…to help facilitate my school district’s Young Authors Conference.

The focus of my two sessions was “Whodunit?” mystery writing.  I had a blast working with the 20 students who attended the two sessions!  They were totally into the format, which was a play on the old Clue game; those kids could have written all morning!  I loved the excitement in their voices as they shared their flash drafts with partners. I was energized by their high interest and enthusiasm.  To be honest, it was the “I’m kind of missing being in front of the classroom” fix that I needed.  Two fifty-minute teaching sessions later, and I’m good to go!

One funny moment came during the second session when a dad fell asleep about fifteen minutes into the presentation.  Either he found my mystery writing activity really boring, or he had a late night last night!  In his defense, I was playing soft music in the background during the flash draft portion.  To his credit, tired or not, he was there with his two kids supporting their accomplishments.  You go, Snoring Dad in the back of the room!

As the students walked out of the room at the end of each session, I encouraged them to keep writing their mysteries.  Maybe later today or tomorrow I’ll try my hand at new mystery.  I haven’t written one in a long time. What mystery awaits me?


5 thoughts on “March 10, 2018…”Feeling the Energy” #SOL18

  1. Leslie, I didn’t get to sit in your session, but it really looked so fun and engaging every time I walked by. I just love your enthusiasm and passion for teaching. It was so evident Saturday, and it shines through in this writing as well.

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